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Nurse Suzy Joran


Dear Parents:
I am asking for your cooperation regarding giving medication in the schools. I request that you ask your physician if the medication can be given at home on an effective schedule. I will administer medication in school only when necessary to maintain the student's health and to facilitate regular attendance. Because of the responsibility placed upon the staff for giving the correct medication, I ask that you comply with the following guidelines:
1. The first dose of any medication MUST be given at home.
2. It is expected that all medication be delivered to school by an adult and NOT brought in by the student. This goes for ANYTHING over the counter as well.
3. In order for ANY medication to be given at school - prescription or over-the-counter, the medication AND a correctly completed Jefferson County Physician Medication Order Form must be brought in to school and signed by both the parent/guardian and physician. A new order form must be brought in every year. I have blank forms in the clinic and they are also on the Jefferson County Schools website under "Medical Forms."
4. Medication MUST be in the original container from the pharmacy with the label intact or in the original over-the-counter container. It is also important to make sure the bottle has a current expiration date on it.
5. All medication will be properly locked in the health office clinic. I will send you a "medication reminder" letter when your child's medication is getting low.
6. Antibiotics which are given three times a day are usually NOT given at school. Please consult your physician before bringing these medications to school.
7. If your child takes medication in the morning at home, it is important to give it at the same time every day. If your child is coming to school late due to an appointment or delayed school opening, the morning dose should be given as usual because the school dose will be given at the time ordered, unless you notify the staff in writing not to give the dose usually given at school. I will provide you with a "Medication Schedule Change" letter for you to indicate how you want medication given on different days such as 2 hour delays, field trips, and early release.
8. All medication must be picked up by an adult at the end of the school year. I will send home a note about two weeks before school ends to remind you that there is medication in the clinic. Medication will not be sent home with your child. All unused medicines will be discarded in an appropriate manner.
If you have any questions regarding medication, please call me at the school (304) 725-9587, or email me at
Communication is the key - let's all have a great, healthy, safe school year!!

Nurse Suzy


1. Please do not send your child to school until they are fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of medication.
2. Cough drops and/or throat lozenges must be brought in by an adult to be kept in the health office clinic. They may not be in your child's book bag due to safety reasons.

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