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New Pick Up Policy September 2019

Providing your children with a safe space to learn is our number one job, and we take it very seriously.  Our policy for pickup will be requiring anyone who comes to pick up one of our students to present a valid photo identification.  Only those listed on the student's emergency contact form filled out at the beginning of the year may pick up your child.  Please see the office if you need to update this form.  Our new pick up procedures are as follows: 

All parents/guardians are to either park in the designated spaces in the parking loop and/or line up in a line in front of the exit door at 3:25.  A staff member will report to your vehicle or to you in line to check your photo ID.  At that time, your ability to pick up your child will be verified, and then your child will be delivered to you at your vehicle or at your place in line.  No student will be released to anyone without proper identification or who is not on their emergency contact form.

‚ÄčAs always, we are incredibly grateful for this community and your continued trust and support.  Without our families we could not be successful.

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