Dear Parents & Guardians,

My name is Mrs. Vanorsdale (Miss V) and I will be serving the students of North Jefferson as the school counselor. I will be here at North Jefferson in half day increments; my exact schedule will be posted very soon and sent home following my classroom visits. A little about me, this is my 14th year with Jefferson County Schools serving as a school counselor. Prior to coming to JCS, I worked in a variety of systems addressing the needs of children and families. My total experience is approximately 24 years serving the needs of children and families. I look forward to meeting all students at North Jefferson and to a great school year!

My role as your child’s counselor is to assist your child with any short-term issues that can be resolved easily and with as little disturbance to their on-going education as possible. Our goal is for each child to experience success and feel good about coming to school. Some possible challenges your child may experience parent seperation stress, peer concerns or pressure, bullying, academic struggles, and good decision making, and just the simple stress relating to change and/or transitioning to school.

A portion of my day will be spent in classrooms, and this is where I will be able to get to know all students and they will get to know me. If you believe there is something I need to know about your child, please contact me or the teacher so we can work together to address any issue(s) that could hinder your child’s learning.

It is understood that some students arrive at school with more issues to deal with than others. Some examples of these things are divorce, grief, or another traumatic experience. I am hopeful that I will have small group sessions that may cover these topics. I will also make time for individual sessions with students.

Please feel free to address these or other concerns with me. I can be reached at:


Mrs. Vanorsdale (Miss V)


Guidance and Counseling Services

The mission of North Jefferson Elementary School Counseling program is to nurture and support each student to ensure that he or she can reach their full academic, social, and emotional potential. The NJES Counselor develops and implements programs and services to enhance educational opportunities for students and to support school personnel. Parents and community are included in a network of caring and professional relationships that can provide respect and support for all. Referral services are provided in collaboration with state guidelines and community resources.


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