Join us at our next PTO meeting:
April 19th at 3:45 in the Cafeteria

Great job on the DeFluris Chocolate Fundraiser!! We
surpassed our goal of $1,100 with a profit of $1,165.87. Thank
you for your support!!

Bring the Field Trip to Us!!!

Free Science Assemblies through the

Shop 'n Save SEED Program

If you shop at Shop 'n Save, your purchases could help us earn a free science assembly program for North Jefferson. The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh offers 7 different science assemblies that can be earned simply by linking your North Jefferson with your Shop 'n Save Perks card. Assembly topics include: matter, energy, chemistry, physics engineering, health, anatomy, physiology, physics, astronomy, zoology and environmental science. The Carnegie Science Center is a world-class museum. We can't drive there on a field trip, but we can bring the museum to us!

How do I participate?

1.Get a Shop 'n Save Perks cards at the store.

2.To register, click here.

3.You will be asked to designate a school. Choose North Jefferson Elementary School.

4.Use your Perks card every time you go to Shop 'n Save.

5.Make sure your family and friends sign up their Perks cards to support NJES.

Reaching our goal for 2017-18

This year our goal is to build a strong school community. Our focus will be on supporting academic learning and conducting fun family events. We're going to need volunteers to make that happen. Participating in monthly meetings are a great way to support us, but they are not for everyone -- and they are not the only way. If you can volunteer at an event for an hour, that would be wonderful. If you have a special skill or interest and we can call on you to help out in that area, we would appreciate that help. Maybe you are an artist and can design spectacular settings for a fall festival. Maybe you like gardening and want to work on a grounds clean-up one morning. If you have construction experience, we can start thinking about some bigger infrastructure projects. Maybe you'd like to organize a basketball competition on a Friday night. If you have ideas, please share them and we'll see if we can make them happen. That's what we need to go forward and grow.

Fundraising Committee

We'll still need to fundraise, but it won't be the focus of our meetings and efforts. We are going to trust our Fundraising Committee to make those decisions and then fully support them. If you enjoy organizing fundraisers and figuring out how to make the best profit, we would love to have you doing that valuable work on our Fundraising Committee.

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