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Hello North Jefferson Elementary Families, 

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our families for their continued support and participation in our school and county safety and communication initiatives.  We are thankful for the office staff and our visitors for their dedication to building security.  We appreciate the increased levels of student and school safety that the consistent presentation of parent/guardian identification into the cameras prior to building entry, picture identification at car rider doors, not holding doors for other visitors, immediate office check-ins for guests and visitors, and wearing badges at all times have all had for students of NJES.  

We here at NJES are also excited to announce that we are working hard with our feeder schools to build community bonds and prepare our students for later chapters in their educational journeys.  During the month of February, our school in partnership with Shepherdstown Elementary and Shepherdstown Middle School will participate in a community book drive to collect beginner books and early reader books.  On April 18th, we will use these books to host a joint early literacy reading day for our schools.  This free event will be held at Shepherdstown Middle School from 10 am - 1 pm. We will spend the afternoon enjoying a day of free: books, food, music, and fun for all as parents and children explore learning stations filled with activities and games designed to promote and build early reading skills.  Families will leave with free goodie bags of books and activities for young readers.  This exciting day will also feature some NJES Alumni guest readers.  As a part of our partnership with our feeder schools we will also be holding a STEM night here at NJES with the help of staff and students from Jefferson High School in March and enjoying a few special visits to and from SMS from February through May.  Please make sure to visit our school website and calendar for information on all of these great events.  Please also sign up for our school's Remind 101 account.  

To the parents of our students in grades three through five, we are proud to announce that our students are exhibiting amazing digital citizenship and true leadership as they pave the way as technology trailblazers by serving as the pilot program for Jefferson County Schools' one-to-one Google Chromebook initiative.  Please see the informational letter sent home for more details about the launch of our Google Chromebook initiative here at North Jefferson Elementary, and make sure to ask your student about all the ways they are using these devices to enhance their classroom learning each day.  Thank you to our JCS Technology team and the BOE for this incredible opportunity. 

As always, we thank our parents for supporting us here at NJES and for collaborating with us to provide your child with the best education possible. 



D. Nicole Johnson, Principal NJES


Coach’s Corner

What’s happening at NJES? 

It’s a new year, and new and exciting things are happening here! North Jefferson was selected to pilot a new one-to-one program. Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades received new Google Chromebooks! Students are currently reviewing how to take proper care of their new devices as well as review rules to being good digital citizens. Many of their teachers have been taking classes to learn about Google Classroom and are planning fun and engaging lessons for a new way of learning. As a school, our writing focus has changed from narratives to informative writing. Students across the school are busy researching and learning information that they will then use to write about. Teachers met last week to review middle of the year data. They plan to use this information to better meet the needs of all of their students during guided reading.

What can I do to help my child? 

Although the weather outside may be frightful, there are some delightful things you can do indoors with your child. Did you know that there are many benefits to putting puzzles together? Puzzles help children develop problem-solving skills as they have to use their imagination and develop strategies for achieving a goal. This involves developing solutions and reasoning skills. Puzzles also develop cognitive skills as children follow steps to achieve a goal. Puzzles help with hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, self-esteem as students achieve a goal and social skills when puzzles are solved with a partner. Another fun indoor activity to do with your child is have your child help you make hot cocoa. Then, have your child tell you the steps in order needed to make this tasty treat. After your child tells you the steps, have them draw and write the steps in order. This is a great activity to help your child practice sequencing events, which is a critical skill needed for reading comprehension. It’s also more practice at informative writing, not to mention a fun way to learn! As always, don’t forget to spend a little time each day in a book. Happy Reading!


Ms. Sigley
Academic Coach



In February, kindergarten will be making various projects using chalk pastels.  They will be learning different chalk pastel techniques as well as possibly starting printmaking techniques.

 1st grade will be working with collage materials.  They will be using a variety of collage materials such as newspaper, construction paper, tissue paper, and coffee filters to create artwork.

 2nd grade will be learning about Russian painter, Wessily Kandinsky.  Their artwork will represent Kandinsky’s abstract style by using concentric shapes.

 3rd grade will be learning about the element of art, space.  They will be creating artwork that represents both positive and negative space.

4th grade will be making heart shaped dream catchers.  We will be using wire and yarn to create our own dream catchers based off Valentine’s Day!

 5th grade will be learning about optical illusions and how to draw artwork that looks as if it is popping out of the page.  They will look at artwork from a Dutch artist, M.C. Escher.



In gym class for the month of February, all grade levels will be practicing team building skills and good sportsmanship.  They will be learning and developing dribble, kick, and block skills for the game of soccer and kickball.

 Please continue to wear appropriate attire and tennis shoes on gym day.

 Monday:                      Griffith, Thomas & Potts

Tuesday:                      Sinclair, Bivens & Liegey

Wednesday:                Long, Clark & Bradford

Thursday:                    Campbell, Robertson & Carr

Friday:                         Long, Clark & Bradford


Kindergarten will be working on ABC order and reading books for Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.

First grade will be creating their own wordless books and reading books for Black History Month.

Second grade will be continuing to read Mr. Crumb’s Secret and learning about reference books.

Third grade will be completing their Dewey Decimal Unit, reading books for Black History Month and sharing their favorite books and authors with their classmates.

Fourth grade will be starting a biography study for Who Was Rosa Parks?

Fifth grade will be working with a partner to read biographies of famous African Americans and completing a research project about their subjects.

Our monthly display will highlight Black History Month and our genre display will feature animal fantasy books.


Music Class:

In Music Class NJES students will focus on the Music Staff.  The primary grades (K-2nd) will pinpoint the staff lines and spaces as well as distinguish when melodies move by steps, skips, or repeat.  The upper grades (3rd-5th) will do the same, but will take it farther by identifying and locating the letter names on the staff.


During this month 4th graders will begin learning the woodwind instrument, the recorder, while the 5th graders will take up the string instrument, ukulele.  Both grade levels will learn how to care, hold, and play beginning pitches on their instruments.

NJES Chorus and Instrument Ensemble:

Both the NJES Chorus as well as the NJES Drum and Xylophone Ensemble have started learning music for the Spring Music Concert.


Relay for Life



Donate $1 or more to wear your favorite hat on World Cancer Day, February 4th. 

All donations help the American Cancer Society save lives by helping people stay well and get well, by funding research to find cures, and by empowering people to fight back against cancer.


Thank you to all who came to our NJES PTO FREE Family Movie Night with the showing of Abominable on Friday, January 10th. We would like to extend a BIG thank you to our business partner, James Welsh with Welsh Sound, for providing professional equipment and his time to present our movie. Thank you to the Mitchell family for the donation of the popcorn.


Next PTO Meeting will be

Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 3:45 pm

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