Ways to submit artwork! 

Some students are having difficulties sending or uploading images of their artwork from your packet assignments. Here are 3 ways you can submit artwork to me:

1. You can upload it through the assignment on the classwork tab (if I have created an assignment for your grade level).
2. You can e-mail a picture to me at tia.nugent@k12.wv.us
3. You or a parent can text me a picture of your artwork . Please e-mail me for my phone number.

I am extending the due date for any artwork from your packet until April 3rd. Please make sure you submit a piece of artwork to me either on Google Classroom, through e-mail, or by text message. I know this is new for all of us and wanted to provide you some extra time to learn how to use Google Classroom. Keep your eyes open for a fun activity for art next week!
Posted by tia.nugent@k12.wv.us On 27 March, 2020 at 9:05 AM  

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