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Good morning NJES students and families! 

I started Google Classrooms for art for each grade. On there I will post anything that I also post on here but this is a great tool because on Google Classrooms students are actually able to write back to ask questions or make comments on the assignments. They are even able to communicate with each other. I already have a few students signed up for my 3-5 classrooms and I am working on trying to figure out the best way to invite K-2. If you are K-2 bare with me but if you are 3-5 you are able to join the classroom already. 

Here is how to join: 

You can either go to the website for Google Classroom or download the App on a device. You will use your school student email but after the @ symbol you will write and you will be asked to join the classroom. My e-mail which is just for Google Classroom purposes. If you are looking to e-mail me personally please use at this e-mail I am able to respond back. If you are unsure of your student e-mail account please let me know and I can get you that information.  

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