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Good Afternoon, NJES!

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of parent contact information here at home. I figured I would start this blog in order to keep everyone updated the best to my abilities while we are out of school. 

First, I want to start by giving all of you my contact information. 
My work e-mail is tia.nugent@k12.wv.us and my home e-mail is tcmusselman0@gmail.com
Please feel free to contact me as you see fit. Another great way to communicate with me is through LiveGrades. I have sent a message on LiveGrades already to the parents who have their contact information posted. 

In the packet that we sent home last week Kindergarten had some how to draw sheets, 1st and 2nd grade had two art lessons, and 3rd through 5th grade had two pages with 4 different drawing prompts. This should be plenty of work to last through several weeks due to the students only having art once a week for our school schedule. Usually, it will take a class 2-3 weeks to complete one project due to having art once a week for 45 minutes.

Kindergarten: I passed out several pages of different how to draw sheets. Please have students pick one per week to practice drawing. Once the student drew the object, have them create a background composition for the object. This could be realistic or imaginary. 

1st and 2nd Grade: Pick one project work on first. Please be mindful that you do not have to complete the project in one day. I suggest working on the project for 45 minutes and then saving the rest for the next week. Please use whatever coloring materials you have available. 

3rd-5th Grade: You should have been given 2 papers with 4 different writing prompts. Follow the instructions on the papers. Pick one drawing prompt to work on first. Please make sure you are filling up the entire page with your drawing. You should be able to complete one drawing prompt in either 1 or 2 45 minute sessions. If you finish a drawing prompt from both pages, pick a different drawing prompt on either page. I am looking forward to see what different ideas all of you come up with! 

I will be posting on this blog a few times a week! The next blog will include some different online tools you can use to incorporate some art history into your art block. I will also try to include some great online resources for art as well. 

Message to the students: 

I hope all of you know how much you mean to us here at NJES! I hope you are staying safe (by washing your hands) and enjoying this time with your families and loved ones. I am so excited to come back to school and create art with you again! 

I miss you!!! 

Posted by tia.nugent@k12.wv.us On 17 March, 2020 at 4:41 PM  

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