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We will still be having our school art show, just a little bit differently! My goal is to make a virtual art show with artwork you have sent me from our Google Classroom assignments or with FREE DRAW ART. I am hoping to have ONE piece of artwork for every student in our school. Suggestions for Artwork: -Appropriate for school -Colorful -Takes up full page or majority of page -Use whatever art material you like -Something you are proud of -Something you made from this year either in art or on your own -Clear picture taken of artwork close up Please upload or send me a picture of your favorite artwork that you have created so far either on Google Classroom, through email, or text by May 4th. This gives you two weeks to make something if you don't have something you are proud of already. Remember the majority of the students and their families will see the picture of your artwork! I will then make a virtual gallery and send it to everyone!
Posted by  On Apr 20, 2020 at 3:09 PM
The color wheel art challenge is an activity that students can complete for fun. The challenge is to have students create a color wheel out of objects found in their homes. Kindergarten through 2nd grade is challenged to create a color wheel using primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary (orange, green, purple) colors. Third through 5th grade is challenged to use primary, secondary, and tertiary (red orange, yellow orange, yellow green, blue green, blue violet, and red violet) colors. Red is typically at the top of the color wheel and green is usually at the bottom. You can send me a picture of the complete color wheel through Google Classroom, email, or text. I look forward to seeing all of the amazing color wheels. Click the links below for some sample images.
Posted by  On Apr 02, 2020 at 9:46 AM

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